It’s all about The List – Wrap-up

It’s a Wrap

I hope you have gained some valuable ideas from this series on building your list

If you have missed the first four parts of this series you can go to the beginning here:

The List Part One

I can’t tell you that all of this is easy, it’s not. It takes time to build your platform. There is a pretty good learning curve on a lot of the technical aspects. However, I can tell you that if you quit you will not succeed. If you stick with it you can make it. That is the real difference between you and the 5,6 and 7 figure earners.

They didn’t quit!

Jack Sparrow

So just as Capt. Jack says above, it’s your attitude that will make the difference. Yes there will be problems, challenges I prefer to call them. You can overcome. If you get stuck, Ask. You are welcome to ask me, whatever you would like, and I will do my very best to answer you.

I would like to go back and re-cap what has been discussed throughout this series. Just some bullet points with whatever I might have missed along the way. Some of this might be a little out of order than the way I went through it in the series but it is all here.

This originally was really going to be about building a list, but it has turned into a little more. What I have really laid out is at least my process for building a niche website, along with some valuable tools, some you can’t do without and some that make life easier and leverage your time better.

So here we go with the Wrap.

1.  Pick your domain – as I said in part one, this is just one thing that you will have to give some thought to. GoDaddy is a good place to look for and research domains. However, unless you find a domain that only GoDaddy has, in their expired domain area for example, once you find the domain that works for you, go register it with the hosting company you have chosen to build your site on. Then everything is in one place and you don’t have to go through the hassle of redirecting the domain or possibly having to move the domain sometime in the future.

2.  Set up a hosting account so you can host your website – I suggest Bluehost or Hostgator for the hosting. Also if you decide to go with Hostgator – use the coupon “yourpersonalseo” to get 25% off.

3.  Without a doubt my recommendation for a web building platform is WordPress.  If you question whether WordPress can do what you need have a look at this article –  The 40 most notable big brands using WordPress . This is where the Kindle unlimited comes in so handy. If you want to frame out a site pretty quickly, I mean in a few hours, use Kindle for a resource there is an endless supply of knowledge there.

4.  Set up your email management system and learn it – Awebber is my choice

5.  Decide on one or two Attraction offerings that you can use to build your list. My site auditor is a good one and then of course I talked about Jon Leger.  If you signup for my list and download the “starting over” white paper then you will have the information on Jon if you decide to go that route. If you look around you can find other choices that you might like better.

6.  I also said I would  tell you how I created the book cover that I have on my landing page. If you go here Adazing and then go under “free book stuff” and then choose “free 3D book mockups” you can make book covers for free. Yes totally free. You do have to sign up for their list and then they will send you an email that takes you into the book cover creation area. Once you are there it is pretty easy to figure out.

7.  Pick a landing page system. If you recall I like Instapage. And if you have forgotten, you want the landing page tool so that you can A/B test (probably the most important part) but also the landing page system integrates with your email system so you can build and manage your list.

8.  Pick one Social Media Platform and learn it inside and out. Use it, become one with it. Then and only then do I suggest that you move on to another platform. As I said before if you try to do too much at once you will end up getting going slower than you would have just starting with one and getting really good with it. In my previous posts I didn’t really focus on which SM platform to start with. However, in the time that I have been writing this series I have been doing some testing. My suggestion would be to start with Twitter. I truly believe that it will be the fastest way to build traffic to your site. But you have to do it the right way. I am going to write an article on that very subject today. There is no  trick, it is just a well thought out and tested system to build a following, within your niche. And at the same time stay within best practices so that you do not risk having your Twitter account suspended. No Black hat here, just fine tuned best practices.

9.  Do some studying on Google Adwords, Twitter ads and Facebook advertising. Start with Twitter. Oh and don’t forget YouTube, that ‘s important. But do start with Twitter, and don’t try to wrap your head around too much at once, it will make you crazy. More importantly though, it will slow your progress. Here is where Udemy come is really handy. It’s funny I have been taking Udemy classes for a while now along with my more hardcore SEO etc training. If you want to learn stuff fast from people that know their stuff and you don’t want to spend a lot of money in the process then Udemy fits the bill.  I would encourage you to take a look.

Well, I think that actually is a wrap up of the previous four posts.

Remember, you need to have realistic expectations, you will not be an overnight sensation. It takes time, to learn, to build out your site, to get some good content on your site and to build up a following so that you can start to drive organic traffic. You have to work at it, even if it is just a little bit each day or a few days a week. You will be amazed if you go with a plan,and put the blinders on so you don’t get sidetracked, how much progress you can make in a couple months.

You Can Do It!

Take Care!


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