It’s all about The List – Part Two – The Attraction

I hope you enjoyed part one of the list.

More importantly, I hope you are finding the information useful

If you missed it be sure to go read Part One of “It’s All About The List” otherwise  you’ll be jumping in the middle.

 Just to recap, below are the four major areas related growing and maintaining a list.

  • Traffic, hopefully as targeted traffic as possible.
  • A place to send those potential customers (said traffic) to.
  • A reason for them to sign up for your list.
  • You have to be able to store and mange your list.

When I left off in part one, I was talking about attraction marketing and what you might choose as a value item to interest your traffic enough to sign up for your list. I was suggesting that you consider using some branded materials. One fellow that I follow is Jonathan Leger. I have been following him for a while. What I like about Jon is that he writes a pretty high quality, I have to call them papers as they are longer than articles. Usually about 10 to 15 pages. They are well written, relevant and I have not read one that I would shy away from, when it comes to using them for list building. The “string” is that you do end up giving out a paper that is not your own and will link back to Jon’s site. However, there is an upside to. You need to be an affiliate of Jon’s to use the papers and he promotes a lot of products, anything that ends up getting sold based on your affiliate link will get you some commissions. I am not suggesting that this be a long term solution. However, doing this can have you going in about 15 minutes with something to offer that you can feel comfortable is worth giving your email for.  After you get going and start creating content then you will, before you know it, be able to take something(s) that you have written and turn it into a quality white paper.

cover of an eBook Before I finish this series of posts, I will tell you how I made the totally free book cover that I have above, and I will give you the information on Jon Leger and how to get signed up to be able to use his papers for list building.  Again, totally free, and might just make you a little money.

However, if your adverse to the idea of sending your traffic off site, and I totally understand that line of thought.  An excellent second option here is to offer a tool of some sort that provides value and is cost effective. A tool that when you put it on the correct landing page with a good description of the benefits, will allow you to build your list and keep that traffic to yourself. A really good tool that I would suggest is called My Site Auditor. As you can see below I have added a very small version of the tool.

It does work and if you put a URL and a keyword in the boxes along with your email and click the “Scan Now” button you will see exactly what it produces. And as you can see it is branded with my information. This is a tool that I use in my SEO business to take a quick snapshot of what kind of issues I am facing when I am looking at taking on a new client.  Remember affiliate marketers need SEO also! My Site Auditor is a great tool, it does have real value and it is not overly expensive, it’s actually pretty inexpensive for what you get. It was developed by Marvin Russell. Marvin used to own a large SEO boutique (he likes to call it) called The Ocean Agency. He sold last year and is now developing some pretty neat tools that work well and fill a solid niche. And of course you can sign up for Marvin’s affiliate program so while you are grabbing leads you also have a chance at some decent commissions.


So at this point we have our email system thought out and hopefully you are learning the system. You also have a couple good ideas for value products worthy enough to build a list off of. So now you need a home for these things and that is the third part of this, you need a place to send your traffic. However, don’t be frightened, building a web site is not that hard and if you go about it the right way it is not expensive either.  We will jump right into it in the third part of “It’s All About The List”

Take Care!