It’s all about The List – Part Three – The Website

I hope you enjoyed part two of the list.

And again, I hope you are finding the information useful

If you missed them be sure to go read “The List Part One” and “The List Part Two” At least I think there’s some good insights in the posts.

Now we are at the point where you need a home for the offerings that your going to use to build your list. Building a website does not have to be a herculean task. When it comes to to building a website I have just two words Word Press. Over the years I have built websites that were hand coded and have used builders like Dreamweaver. However, though it really just started as a blog platform, Word Press has matured and is now considered a solid, robust website building platform.

You can go two ways with WordPress, you can build your web Site on which is free, but your site will be a subdomain of WordPress and I don’t think you have quite as much flexibility as you do if you go with And that is what I am going to concentrate on for this article. There will be some costs but it’s well worth it in the long run.

Before you can build your site you need a domain. I am not going to go into a long discussion on picking a domain. The topic is worthy of it’s own article. However, just to get you thinking here is a pretty good article on picking a domain from MOZ. It has a lot of good ideas in it.

12 Rules for picking the right Domain Name.

One thing that is worth looking at is GoDaddy’s “expired domains” site. It can look a little confusing at first but if you look around and do some searches you might find a good domain that will work well. The domain that this site is on came from the expired domains area. It already had a page rank of 3, which does not mean a lot, but it does carry a little weight. Plus there were already a few backlinks to the domain. And the nice thing I only had to pay $12.95 for it and then I had to reregister it for another $12.00 or so. So my total was about $25.00 for – not a bad deal in my book, and there were some other ones that were good as well when I was looking to purchase this one.

Although, I generally do my domain searches with GoDaddy, I do not host my sites on GoDaddy, for that I use both Hostgator and Bluehost. Just my personal choice, GoDaddy works just fine and incase you happen to read this before August 7th, they are having a pretty incredible sale, which would save you some money. The link for the sale is at the very bottom of the page. Also as far as Hostgator goes, I do have a coupon for them is you use “yourpersonalseo” if you were to choose to sign up with them that coupon is good for 25% off.

If you are not familiar with WP then I would suggest you go over to the right side bar and grab the Kindle Reader. I have a Kindle Unlimited membership. It’s $10 a month and that $10 gives you access to more books and information than you could read in a lifetime. And even if you don’t go with Kindle unlimited then there are still a lot of Free books within the Kindle library. All you need to do is get into the reader and do a search for Word Press and you will come up with more than you will know what to do with. Pick one of the “Build a Word Press Site in two hours or less” or some version of that. There are many and then you can just sit down with the book and just go through it step by step and before you know it you will have a web site.

Probably the biggest decision you will make when setting up a WP site is the theme that you will use. My personal choice is Ignite Plus by Compete Themes. It is a Premium Theme but I think it is well worth the money, $49. And I am not an affiliate for Compete Themes I just really like the Theme. I have 5 sites on it and it has been great. It has a lot of flexibility as far as widget placement and comes with some premium widgets if you go with Ignite Plus. The customization allows for a lot of control as far as how you want your colors, fonts, elements like that. It is responsive ( mobile friendly ) which is imperative. Also, upgrades are a pretty consistent event, so even as robust as it is now, it is alway getting better. Using Ignite Plus along with vast array of plugins and widgets available, there is not much that you can not do. You will not find better support either. Ben Sibley, who has compete themes has been about as helpful as anyone could be. I am not even sure how he does it but he is quick to answer support requests. And the other thing that I like about Ben is that he is more than willing to listen to suggestions.

ignite-plus-adEven if you do not want to spend the money on a premium theme then there is a free version of Ignite and it works well also. Don’t go for one of the free form, or also known as drag and drop builders, You will spend way to much time trying to learn it. Build your site in WP with a theme that is flexible but restrictive and then save the complex stuff for your landing page system. I use Instapage for building my landing pages. This Blog post “don’t be afraid of failure” talks more about that in depth. You do need a landing page system, There are independent reviews in the blog post above. they will help explain why you are not going to do what you want, without a landing page system.

Something else that I thought I would mention is having a Maintenance Page/Coming Soon page up while you are building your site. If you take a look at my SEO site, Montana SEO Services you will see what I am talking about. And yes I do know that I need a web site but that is not the point here. A custom coming soon, looks better. The form is integrated to my Awebber account so I can build a list. And if you take some time ( which I obviously have not ) you can build a pretty nice page with copy etc. It looks so much better than the standard WP page that shows.

The way that I am doing that is with a plugin called SeedProd’s Coming Soon Page. it is just a simple plug in. It is not expensive and easy to install and get up and running. and in case you have folks hitting your page, then there is something relevant to see.  I think it is well worth it.

So this pretty much covers getting you page set up. Pick your niche, get a domain, set up your hosting, put up a coming soon page and then build your site.

Once again I can’t tell you how amazingly valuable the Kindle Unlimited is. If you don’t know this is the way that it works. As I mentioned above it is $9.95 a month. And what that allows you to do is to borrow and have up to 10 books on your device ( in your library ) at any one time.  Also, the reader keeps track of what you have read in a book. So when you give it back, if you borrow it again, you can see what you have already read. I use it for reference material and it really has been invaluable.

So get to building that web site and I am going to get the 4th part of this series underway. How you are going to get traffic to your site.

Take Care!