It’s all about The List – Part One – The Plan

Oh the List! It doesn’t matter if you are selling tools from a hardware store or selling as an Amazon affiliate, you need a list. Your list is your lifeblood no mater what business you are in, but nowhere is it more important than in Internet marketing.

No List = No Business

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So how are you going to get a list? You are going to build it. You can go buy “Lists” or you can do subscription lead generation but I can tell you none of them are worth spending a penny on. You want your list to be just that – Your List!

And to build that list you need:

  • Traffic, hopefully as targeted traffic as possible.
  • A place to send these potential customers ( said traffic) to.
  • A reason for them to sign up for your list.
  • You have to be able to build and mange your list.

I think it is easier to start from the bottom and work up. All the traffic in the world won’t do you any good without the rest of these things in place. So the first thing you need is a way to build and to manage your list. My personal choice is Awebber. They integrate well into just about every system out there. The cost is reasonable, your first month is free and then depending on which plan you choose you can get the cost down to about $15.00 a month. They have a lot of good tutorials to help you figure out how to get started and how to build out as your experience and list(s) grow. An email system is something that you have to have, there is no way around it. Awebber is a good, solid choice, and it should be one of the first things that you set up. Spend an hour a couple times a week with the system and you will have it down and ready to go while you are working on the rest of your “system”.

So hopefully you have set up your email marketing and management System, if not do it! And then like I said spend a little time each week and you will be good to go when you need to be.

The next thing that you are going to need is a reason for your traffic, that you get to your landing page, to actually fill out your email form and sign up to your list. This part can be a bit of a sticking point if you over think it. Generally at this point, where we get into attraction marketing, the usual advice is to write a good white paper that you give away, or do a podcast, or a video series or something of this sort. And all of these are good ideas and if your so inclined more power to you. However, for a lot of people this is tough. You don’t want to go out and copy anybody else’s work, as in plagiarism. You can do a couple of things that can help speed the process.  You can go out and find a few papers you can download and rewrite them or use a spinner tool to rewrite them for you. This is much faster than creating your own original content. More costly with the tool, but also easier.  If you are going to use a spinner tool I would suggest SpinRewriter.

I use SpinRewriter, it does an excellent job at spinning content that you find into unique articles but what it is really good for is repurposing your original content so that you can post it elsewhere without it being duplicate content. This is a tool  use in my SEO work on occasion. It is web based so it does not matter what OS you are running and once you get to learn the finer points it really does do a good job. If you want to see an article that I produced with it take a look at this page at The Lacrosse Coach. I was helping my son, Hayden with this page and what I did was Google the history of the game and then grabbed bits a pieces of different articles, put them in a logical order and then spun it. I then spent about 20 minutes reading it over and making some small changes and it was finished. The whole page with pictures and everything took me about an hour.

Another way that you can go is to find something that you can rebrand. This is what I would suggest if you want to get started quickly and with the least amount of up front costs. There are pros and cons to this method, on one hand it gives you good content that you can start building a list with right away. However, at the same time you are going to be sending your traffic off to another person who could sign up that person on their list as well. All things considered my personal feeling is that at least for a time, while you are getting started, that this is a really good way to go. You have to get started. If you read my previous post you know this is one of the sand pits. Don’t get stuck here. Something is better than nothing and as you get going and start to grow your list you can update to your own material.

In no way do I mean to leave you hanging here. I thought that I would get all this in one post, now I’m thinking three. For now though I am going to leave it here. I will pick this right back up in part two of “It’s all about the List!”

Take Care!