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Jeff Smith
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Hi, I’m Jeff

Again I’d like to say howdy, my name is Jeff Smith and by profession I am a professional SEO. I have a small ( just me) business named Montana SEO Services, in Missoula, Montana.  Like a lot of SEO’s or folks in other areas of the digital media world I also do some affiliate marketing on the side. I guess you could call it a hobby of sorts, or maybe a bit of an obsession.  The knowledge and training that I need for my SEO work overlaps quite a bit as far as many of the skills that one needs to know and be able to perform to be an affiliate marketer. I started with affiliate marketing prior to starting my SEO company. And as I mentioned on the home page, when I first started I struggled, got caught up in the up-sells and worthless tools and the missing training for those tools. So those experiences coupled with the knowledge I have gained in the SEO world have led to this.

Most of the goals or desirable outcomes, as we call them in my work, are very much the same as what a successful Internet marketer is looking for. The bottom line, sell more stuff. And for that to happen my clients need what you need, more traffic, a list, conversions, content creation, and let’s not forget Social Media. It’s really the same in more ways than it is different.  My hope is to share some of that knowledge with the goal that I can help you be more successful.

I came to Montana from Virginia in 1982. I have a wonderful wife Teresa. I am the proud father of 4 boys one of whom has his own site The Lacrosse Coach.  If I could get him to spend some time writing he will do well, it’s a fun niche to be in and he is a dang good lacrosse player. If I am not in front of my computer, I enjoy spending time with my family,

I do Ships on the docksome photography, I do most anything outdoors camping fishing etc. I am an avid gardener, I like to travel and I have a thing for dogs, in fact I just happen to have a dog blog Training Great Dogs. The reason that I mention these web sites is because I will likely use them as examples of things that I am doing that are working.

So that’s me in a nutshell. I hope that you find the information herein useful and as this site matures please comment, ask, share anything comes to mind.

Take Care!



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