How to build a Twitter following – Fast

Who would have ever guessed


That this little bird would affect our lives as it has.



It’s kind of hard to discount these kinds of numbers.

No there are not the numbers of users that Facebook, YouTube etc have but look at the engagement

500 Million tweets a day!

Granted again, not the numbers of some of the other channels, however it is a different culture even though most of the people are across multiple channels, they act differently. I’m sure I could find research to back up what I am saying but just take my word for it. You will be able to build organic traffic faster with Twitter than any other platform, this is free we are talking now. And yes I guess if you have a cat that does something cute then you might pull off a viral video on YouTube. However, in the real world this is the best first choice. And then once you have a couple thousand followers then you can engage them with a Facebook Page or YouTube Channel. YouTube is kind of nice as a second platform because it allows you to post that content back into FaceBook and also to Twitter. Yes Twitter, if your not familiar will play YouTube videos. So then you start engaging your followers with new things and drive all of it wherever you want to. Your website, Facebook, YouTube. But it starts with Twitter.

No I don’t own twitter stock. Anyway I am going to apologize upfront for the length of this article but there are going to be a bunch of screen shots. They take up space but I want to show you Exactly what I am doing. While I was grabbing the screen shots I was thinking I should just be doing a video with screen capture and audio so maybe that will come later.  But this will work if you will hang in there with me.

First of all I will tell you that if you follow ( no pun intended)  what I am going to show here and you don’t have a Twitter account set up yet. From the time that you set it up to the end of the first 30 days you will have at least 2000 followers. Yes that’s in the first month. Also, everything that I am going show you falls within Twitters best practices and will put you in no danger of having your account suspended.

A word of warning do not do stuff like buy followers. You will have to change your name and move to get that Twitter account turned back on – You will get your account suspended.

Ok some basic twitter guidelines, and I would suggest that you take the time to read Twitters guidelines. It can seem a little hmm frightening because it sounds like they are just looking for a reason to turn your account off. But it’s not that bad.

When you begin with an account or start where you are now assuming you have less than 2000 followers ( and even if you do, don’t leave you might learn something useful ). If you have less than 2000 followers than you can not follow more than 2000 people at one time.    This is very important. Until you have 2000 you can not follow more than 2000. However, if you create an account right now, with no followers you can go right ahead and follow 2000 people. One rule though, you can only follow 1000 people in any one day. And you can only unfollow 500 people in one day. And those numbers work out perfect for what we are going to do.

“Dang I was trying to find a picture of Zombies following each other – would have fit well here but I couldn’t find one that I liked”

Now if your thinking how am I going to find 2000 people to follow well I’m going to tell you. In fact we will find 10,000’s of potential people to follow. And I am talking about pretty targeted traffic.

After you get to 2000 followers then you can only follow about 10% ( some say 20% ) more people than you are following. For example you if you have 2000 followers then you could be following 2200 maybe 2250 at the very most.  So at this point our strategy will still work but you will not be able to grow your followers as fast. So just a heads up once you get your Twitter account going and you get into that 1000 follower range it is time to start to learn your next Social Media platform. Again and I can not stress enough Udemy is a great place to learn the in’s and out’s of the different platforms.

If you want to make this process manageable then you need two tools. One for sure, you might be able to wait on the other. And I am not an affiliate for either one. Both of these tools are well worth it and together we are talking about $18 a month. The first is Tweepi. Tweepi is a follow/unfollow tool that has a lot of really great features which is what we will use to target the people we are looking for regardless of your niche. And you can find Tweepi at  I would very highly recommend the Platinum package. Now I will tell you that you can use Tweepi for free but there are limitations. You want to be able to follow 1000 people a day and unfollow 500 people a day, at least for the first month, then you could probably drop down to the Silver package because you won’t be following so many people each day. But I am not sure if you get the “User Search” and that is the key.

The other tool is a responder. The one I use is called Vic Consulting. To be honest I just did a search on Google for Twitter auto responders and after reading a couple reviews I ended up with Vic. This one is not as important if you do not have a place to send people yet. However, if you have a website, or maybe a Facebook or YouTube channel then you want this right from the beginning. Vic costs $8.90 every 3 months. And I can guarantee you it is worth every cent. However, if you are still building your “home base”  then this one can wait.

So I am going to assume that you have your twitter account and you have set up an account with Tweepi.

Ok this is the fun part so hang on……….

First thing you are going to do is to log into Tweepi and go to the dashboard and it will look like this.

Tweepi Dashboard

Now first I want to answer the questions that are going through your head. First I created this account on Tuesday of last week at 3:00 PM, the 4th of August and I obviously had no followers. Today is the 13th of August and I have 846 as of about an hour ago. Might just make 900 by the morning.  You can see that I am only following 1589, that is because I already did my unfollow this morning. I was following just under 2000. I have 804 people that I have followed that are not following back, a lot of them will go away tomorrow and be replaced with new people. and you can see I have 61 that are following me but I am not following back. The majority of those are people that have followed me in the last day or so that I just have not gotten to, but I will talk about that in the second part of this – about unfollowing.

If you look bottom left ( the screen shot above )  you can see user search is highlighted, that is where we are going. and when we get there it looks like this

User-search menu

And you can see that I have already typed in “Affiliate Marketing” now this could be anything, like gardening, travel, fashion, dog training, whatever your niche is. My guess is that for most of you it will be just what I typed in, you could go for “Internet Marketing” as well, I have not used up what I have under Affiliate yet. And don’t worry there are plenty of potential followers to go around.

So I have typed in my search and hit the search button and I get this


First thing here is look at the Bios.  The reason that we get this result from the search is that in each of these peoples Bios there is the term Affiliate Marketing. So you can now see that it would not matter what niche you search for. You will get people. Lots of people!

Now look to the far right. See the “Followers Count” You can sort by number, which I have already done and have the people with the highest follower count at the top. These are not the people that you want to follow. When you have a going business, lots of content etc. when your affiliate business has matured then you can come back here. But I can tell you that you don’t want the people that are following Larry Wentz with is 709,000 followers. What you want is this.


See the follower count on these folks, it is down in the 5000ish and down range, this is where you want to be. Also I am sure as you study this you will see the column ” Last Tweeted”, see the 7th one down. This guy or gal has not tweeted for 6 years. He was ahead of his time, and quit before his time came,  just think how many follower he would have today, he would be up there at the top. However, that is not the point. Don’t be afraid to go after the followers of someone like this. Now I would not start here but don’t toss 3,917 people away.

Now look to the left and see the Twitter account names. This is what we want. Just pick one. You have to write it down, as least I do on my Mac it will not let me copy and paste the account name. I actually picked one a little farther down.  So you have your pick, now scroll back up to the top of the screen and as you can see ( screen shot below) we want to go under the “follow Tools” menu and choose “By Users Followers”, the very first choice that you have.

Just a little side note in the top row on the menu bar look to the right and you will see the bar that shows my followed for the day. I am at 16, just remember that.


That will bring us to this

ollow-users-followers screenollow-users-followers screen

You can see that I have typed in “jobsaffiliate” and then I hit search and get this

Yes look way down below at the next screen shot

You can see @jobsaffiliate has 2528 followers. And then look at the Bio – Best Affiliate Marketing Lessons and News

The numbers tell me that this person has either not kept up with the Twitter account and I can tell you that since it is such a traffic driver my better guess is that this person is starting out and is just a few months ahead. So the people that are most likely following this account are new as well, are probably a lot like you, which is a good thing. You are just going to be smarter and work harder and not give up.

The Bio also is a little telling, it is not really that well thought out.

Now we are going to narrow our focus. Look below the Bio and you will see the filters that I have set up. This is Important so follow along!

  1. We have the followers of jobsaffiliate. That filter is in place when you get here but everything below that is custom.
  2. I speak/read english so I have filtered out the non-english tweeters.
  3. I have a filter set to only see people that have tweeted within the last 4 days. This one you can play with but I think a 4 day cycle has worked the best so I have it set for 4 days.
  4. Then another important one, I want tweeters with no more than 1000 followers. I have tried 500 and a couple other numbers but I think 1000 is pretty close to the sweet spot.
  5. Then the last one. If you look over at the far right you will see “last action date” I want that empty. You will find out pretty quickly as you get a week or so into this that you will start seeing the same people. Tweepi keeps a record of every action and by having a filter set up for “Last Action” = “Empty” then I don’t run the risk of re-following someone that I have already, followed and then unfollowed, and it also keeps me from unfollowing someone that I don’t want to unfollow. That is a different process – the unfollowing, which we will get to.

So there are our filters. See to the right and bottom of the filters where it says ” Saved Filters”, a bit confusing, however, if you go to that drop down menu you can save this filter set up. You can call it whatever, but tomorrow when you come back to do this you can put in your chosen users twitter account and then go over to “saved Menus” and choose your saved menu and away you go.

Shot of follow filters

Ok so here you can see below before I applied any filters. we have all the users there. Now just so you know where the button says”Neither” which is right underneath each user name, it a big time saver. once you do this you will know exactly why you are paying $15 a month for this tool. If you just take your curser and put it over the “neither” button it will turn blue and change to “Follow”. All you have to do is just keep you curser in the same place and just start clicking. The page will move for you, so you can follow a bunch of people in a very short time. And to make it a little faster I think I can ( you can ) change the “100” showing on the tab on the bottom right to “200” so that cuts the number of pages in half. Now the next screen shot shows what it looks like after I have gone through all the pages.

Shot of user page 2

Ok remember when I said to take note of the 16 in my followed for the day. now you can see that it says 171, so I just followed 155 people in about 3 or 4 minutes. But what I want you to grasp is that out of 2528 total followers, only 155 made the cut after applying the filters. These are your people- people. From everything I can tell this is a very targeted group

Followed 171

So since I only got 155 out of this user then I will go back and grab another user and do the same thing. Just an FYI Tweepi will only let you follow 950 in a day. They are just working to be in compliance with Twitters rules and they error on the side of caution.

So that my friends is the proper way to follow. However, do not be afraid to experiment and if you find a better system, then share it.

So go follow your 950 today and again tomorrow, then you can do your last 100 the next day. and then you have to wait a day. On the 4th day we will start to unfollow people. I promise that I will have the next post coving that written and posted within 3 days.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this I know it was long but I didn’t want to leave anything out. So go follow some tweeters, but don’t unfollow anyone for 4 days. In the mean time I will get to the next part of this.

One last thing. In your twitter account under settings you can set notifications. I would suggest that you do. You can expect a 20% to 30% follow rate and if you do not turn off some of the notifications it will drive you nuts, especially if you have entered your phone number, which you should, but you have to control the notifications or your phone will be going off non stop. And I also turn off email notifications otherwise you will get an email every time you get a new follower.

In my next post which will be a bit shorter as unfollowing is faster, I will talk about engagement and Vic Consulting and how I use them along of course with unfollowing

That is about all I can think of for now, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me but for now I have to go follow some people!

Take Care!

Jeff – @affmarguru