Don’t Be Afraid of failure just do it quickly

I was sitting on the porch this evening and I got to thinking about some A/B testing and how nice it was to fail faster now than ever before. Which means you can succeed much faster.

Failure is part of the game, you just have to learn to recognize it and then fix it.

The ability to modify landing pages very quickly, coupled with good analytics, allows you to see and make changes to the pages that are not converting as well. If there is enough traffic you can almost do this in real time. It’s actually pretty cool.

It sounds like SEO or Conversion Optimization work and it is, and without it your affiliate marketing efforts will not be anywhere close to what they could be. Internet marketing relies on landing pages, squeeze pages and capture pages. Without A/B testing you are, at the very least, just guessing. It is amazing how a simple color change, a different button, an image change or even some distraction in a side bar can effect conversion rates.

Conversion Graph

What is required is a good landing page system. Not just a landing page builder but it also needs to be capable of A/B testing as well as a host of other desired features. There are quite a few landing page systems out there. So many that it can become a little overwhelming trying to choose one. Here are links to two reviews that cover several different systems. They are real reviews and are worth reading.

The first is from and it is specific to systems that have Word Press plugins available.

This second one is from and is a more general overview of several landing page systems

I’ve used several different landing page systems and over time I have come to learn the good and the bad about many of these systems. For me, I want something that is not too free form as these tend to have a pretty steep learning curve. So that means that there needs to be a good selection of templates available. I want pages to be customizable but I want to be boxed in a little at the same time. I do all my web site development on WP so I prefer that I have a plugin available. I want my landing pages on my site, not hosted off site. There needs to be good integration with email responders and other systems like SalesForce. It has to be Mobile friendly. Plus I need a system that can deliver digital products, like eBooks, videos and pod casts. Obviously the A/B testing is a given, since it is kind of the point here. And lastly, I would like something that is cost effective.

This is an example of a very short landing page that I did in about 5 minutes. Obviously it is not a full blown landing page, but I wanted an example. It is doing A/B testing though you can’t see that because you will either got to A or B. It is integrated with my Awebber account and if you were to sign up to my list you will get to download the Report that I have there called Starting Over.

As an on-line marketer you will spend a fair amount of time with your landing page system so you need to be happy with it.  You also need to take the time to learn to use it correctly. It will allow you to see what is working and what is not, which quickly let’s you make the needed changes to maximize your conversions. I can not emphasize enough how important this is.

I am not shy in saying that I am a true believer in Instapages. And if you take the time to read the reviews and also specific reviews just on Instapage, I think there is a good chance you will agree.  It has all the capabilities required. Like anything it takes a little time to learn but it is not overly complex and it is not over priced. And you can go set up an account and try it for free before you lay down any of your hard earned cash.

This is my choice, but regardless of which platform you choose to build and manage your conversion pages, you need to learn it and you need to use it. If you realize the advantages to learning to fail more quickly then you should see success much faster.

Take Care!