Build a Twitter Following Fast – Part Two

Welcome back to Building A Twitter Following – Fast

In part one of these two posts we covered Following but that is only half of the process

In this second part we are going to cover both unfollowing as well as following those we are not following back

We have to start with unfollowing which you will see why in a moment. So we are at day four since we started doing our following and we should have followed close to 2000 people. It’s been four days, though we did have a weekend (That is if you started this the same day I wrote the first part)  and they are a little slower.  However, even so you should have a couple hundred followers by this point. And we have upwards of 1000 people that we have been following for 4 days. Now, lets say that you did this  the evening of the day that I published the first half of this, then you will have to wait until after the time that you did your following. Tweepi, if you are using it and you should be, it’s clock turns at midnight. However, Twitter runs on a time specific clock. So if you followed at 10:00 PM then you have to wait until after the time that you finished to unfollow.  4 Days is exactly 4 days. I apologize but that is part of the reason why I am late with this, I wanted to publish it at 10 Am this morning, the same time I published four days ago but I had to wait for people to unfollow so I could do the post.

Ok so we want to go back into the Tweepi Dashboard and we will be looking at something like this.



So you can see one thing, I had 846 followers on Thursday at about 9:00 Am and it is now Monday 3:20 PM and I have 970. So I was able to add 124 in that time. You should be going faster, it does slow down a bit when you can’t follow 1000 people a day. You will see that I just get to follow about 170 today. There are some big days and some smaller ones, it kind of get’s into it’s own cycle.  You can also see that I have 57 people that I am not following back. We will get to that right after we Unfollow.

So from the dashboard we go to the “Not Following Back”




As you can see here to the Left. So we go to that menu and we get to this below…






Ok so you should have quite a few because you have just started. However, it might look confusing at first. When you load the Dashboard it comes up like this below. Take Look at the third Line down, up in the Menu. Where it says “Last Action Date ( via Tweepi ). See how it is set to 5 days, that is the default. We want to change it to 4 days. You can also see up in the top where it says “Not Following You Back”. I have 203 that are at 5 days.


But when we change the “older than” 5 days to 4 we get this. Now I did have about 350 people that had not followed me back in 4 days, but you can see that I have applied a filter. I have added “last Tweeted” is older than 1 day. The reason for that is specific to that fact that it is Monday. Sunday is a slower day and am going to give those almost 150 people one more day to follow me. If it was say Wed. I would not put that filter in.  One more thing before I unfollow. See where the big “i” is just below ” Not Following You Back” in the upper part of the header. If you use “Older” rather than “Newer” when you set up your filters it will let you see people that you have followed outside of Tweepi. And you will do that. You will be on your Twitter page and you will see people that you want to follow and you will. Using the “older” filter let’s Tweepi see these folks. However, try not to “Unfollow” people anywhere but Tweepi. It can’t see the “Unfollows” and you will end us following and then unfollowing the same people.



Ok So I am going to Unfollow.  So now you can see up in the menu bar over to the right that I have “Unfollowed” 202 people. There were specifically 3 people that I wanted to not unfollow. And I think I switch screen so fast the counter did not catch up with the screen change.

Ok so I have now unfollowed and I should have without looking about 1795 that I am following, so now I can follow more people. One thing to remember is that Tweepi will only allow you to Unfollow 500 in one day. So the way that I would do that is set up a filter that took into account the number of followers. Like we did when we followed in the beginning. Filter out every one that has more than 750 followers. You can also filter by activity, so set a filter that if they have not Tweeted in 3 days or 2 days. Just think about who you do want, as opposed to who you don’t want. And play with it, you won”t break anything.  So now before we go off following a bunch of people we need to follow back people that are following us but we are not in return. We want to keep all the followers that we can. Some of these people will be using a system similar to what we are doing here. So some of them will unfollow you. But there is a little bit of strategy here as well.




Ok so I have gone back to the Dashboard and I have gone under the “Manage Twitter” menu and have chosen the second choice down called “You’re Not Following Back” and it looks just like this. So I have these 58 ( Picked one up while I was writing : ) )  people that I am not following. But I also want to try to hold on to as many follows as I can. So I have sorted the list by “Followers Count” you see there at the top that user has 230,753. They are not going unfollow you. And at the same time my guess is that there is an even greater chance that they are not going to buy anything from you. So don’t follow them. In fact I would not start following until I get down to where they have 10,000 followers or less.  And then to be quite honest there are just some people that I do not want to follow because I don’t want their stuff showing up in my twitter feed.  So I have not looked but I will right now, I have the window open. Ok so out of those 58 I followed 19 of them. The rest of them if they want to unfollow me they are welcome, they are not my target audience anyway. So now that I have taken care of that little task, we are going to begin the cycle once again and go find some people to follow.

Thank You and I wish you the best.

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Again, Good Luck. Your welcome to comment on how it is going for you or if you run into any trouble let the community know we are here to help. and as always Re-Tweets are most appreciated!

Take Care!