Setting up your Affiliate Accounts

This is kind of the key to the whole system

Getting your affiliate accounts set up is about the most important action that an affiliate marketer can take. Obviously you Affiliate-Marketingneed products to sell. There are four different areas or groupings I guess you could call them, when it comes to products. You can develop your own products to sell and for most people this is the best long term goal. However, this does not usually take place until you have built up your affiliate network and have the revenue that you can use to hire developers. Since developing your own products is not an option at this point, I am not going to spend any time talking about it.

That leaves us the other three areas where most people focus

First we have the direct affiliate accounts. These would be accounts that you sign up for directly with some a company or supplier of some type. If you have read any of my other posts and if not this is the place to start. You will see the links that I have for companies like Bluehost and Instapage. I am signed up directly with each of these companies. As you can see below in the screen shot of thBluehost-affiliate-linke footer of Bluehost’s page. Right there in the middle under programs you can see the “affiliates” link.  This is where you go to sign up for the Bluehost affiliate program and this is pretty much the way it will be for most of the companies. Virtually all the providers of tools, hosting etc. have an affiliate program. So you want to be sure to sign up for these.

You will have to fill out a W-9 for each of these for tax purposes. Also, some of the companies have to approve you, though it’s not a big deal as long as you have a website. Be sure to keep your affiliate account information in one place, and keep it organized. A spread sheet is a great way. There is a fair amount of information for each account. And if you don’t start out from the beginning, with your information organized it will become a pain in the butt very quickly.

Within each of the accounts you will find links, and in many there will be banners of different sizes to use.  Just like the banners I have here on my site. Also, many of the companies have some type of analytics that let you see CTR ( Click Through Rate ) as well as impressions and usually other good information to help you optimize your sales. Lastly, in your account you will find your sales and commission information.

The next type of affiliate accounts, and these are the most important, are the companies that run Affiliate programs.

These are companies that are basically clearing houses for peoples products. This is where you will find niche specific products that you can promote and sell. There is training within almost all of the companies. There are also associated blogs, where people share information about what they are doing and what is working, which products are selling the best, just a whole host of information.

I’m including Amazon in this list. Amazon has a huge side that is just for affiliates. You definitely will want to become an Amazon associate after you become familiar with how things work. Amazon also has a lot of tools including hosting through the AWS (Amazon Web Services ). However, you don’t want to start with Amazon you want to start below.

This is a list of the most important programs available.

  • JVZoo
  • Commission Junction
  • Click Bank
  • linkshare
  • Share a Sale
  • ZaXaa
  • Pay Dot Com
  • Warrior Plus

I can assure you that you will have no problem finding any of these affiliate marketing companies with a quick google search.  Each of these companies is a large platform within itself. You can really get caught up in these sites, so proceed with caution. You don’t need to be a member of all of these. In fact I would suggest that you chose one, like Commission Junction or JVZoo and really spend some time learning the in’s and out’s of what is available. In the end you will most likely join several of these. But there are a lot of marketers that just join one and stick with it. Either way, this is where you will find the majority of your products, that you are going to want to promote.

The last type of products that I want to cover here are PLR ( Private Label Rights ) products.

These are products that you buy and have the ability to re-brand as you own. I will warn you that most PLR’s are not the best quality, in fact there are many that probably should not exist at all. Unless you go for some very high priced PLR’s, my opinion is that except for the occasional diamond in the rough they are not worth your time as far as products to sell. However, having said that, I think there is a place for PLR’s and that is for list building and to be used as “bonus giveaways” with your core affiliate products. You can do a search for PLR’s and will find a bunch. Just search for it spelled out “Private Label Products” or “Private Label Rights” and a whole world will open up to you. However, much of what you will find this way are things like health products etc. Not really what you are looking for. Search for “Affiliate PLR’s” and you will find what you are looking for. You can also find some PLR’s in bundle-pro-smallsome of the affiliate programs in the list above.

You can find some pretty decent eBooks that are worth using for building your email list. There are also some videos out there that you can find that can be used as is or you can voice over the videos to really brand them as your own. Again the right PLR’s can help you build a list and if you gather up a group of maybe a half dozen or so they can be used as “Bonuses” for your customers to help them make a decision to buy.However, you don’t want to bundle too much together or you will have people buying your products just to get the bonuses and then will ask for a refund.


This should give you a pretty good idea of what you need to do to get set up with products. There are good products out there that have value and solve problems. Without a doubt the best place to start looking will be with one of the Affiliate programs. Once again, don’t start with Amazon. I will go into Amazon in detail in future posts. Amazon is a different animal then the affiliate programs and it has to be approached differently.

So go sign up for one of the affiliate programs and take a very in depth tour. Regardless of what your niche is I am confident that you will be able to find products that will make sense for you to promote.

Take Care!