4 Things Affiliate Marketers should Not Do

Hello I thought that I would start with some things NOT to do when beginning in Affiliate Marketing

1.   Don’t Quit! This is the number one reason that that marketers fail. They give up – and that is a self fulfilling prophesy. If you do not give up you definitely have a better chance to succeed. I know that sounds very obvious and reasonable but it is a very important concept. Just don’t give up!no giving up


2.  Don’t set yourself up for failure. Don’t set expectations that are too high. I know you watch these guys on their YouTube videos, or see the landing pages and you see all the screen shots of ClickBack accounts etc.

Look ! $11,816.60 in one day on a productAffiliate revenue Shot launch. Don’t start believing that you are going to repeat this for yourself. Don’t even consider the idea, it’s not going to happen!

It does happen, but the ones that can pull this off have been in this arena for years. And in case you don’t know they have been though all the same stuff the you are going through. The only ones that have a chance at this is a shorter time are those that develop their own products. But they have a list, they have months in development and it took them years to get where they are. But they have failed as well believe me. No I know this all sounds kind of negative but take heart, you can make money but it takes time to ramp up and you need a plan.

3.  Don’t chase an endless horizon. It’s so easy isn’t it, you look at one product and system and it looks great. it’s going to changeAn endess Horizon your life and you buy it, and then of course there are either one or two or sometimes more – up-sells. They all look like the “answer” so you shell out your $17 dollars for the product..But wait there is more. for $67 you can have the 25 domain or unlimited site version and surely that will work. And then you get the next email or land on the next landing page and you do all over again. And after a couple weeks of searching for just the right thing, you sit there, a few hundred dollars poorer and you still don’t have a clue what to do.  Make sure that you keep your receipts for whatever you buy. I use my calendar and when I buy something I put a little reminder, along with notifications about 7 days prior to the 30 or 60 days money back period. I keep my emails very well organized so that I can find the receipts and the product info etc., easy to find when and if I need them.

4.  Don’t get talked into the idea that you can build a site and put it on the front page of Google in like 3 days or whatever. It’s not going to happen and it does not matter anyway. Ok it might happen but depending on what your niche is some of these categories are about as competitive as it can get. Topics like travel, dog training, gardening, weight loss – oh! and how about network or Internet or affiliate marketing. I don’t think so and if some of these folks are getting on the front page of the SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) then I can’t image that there was not some Black Hat work involved. And then as I stated in the beginning for the most part, it does not matter. Because until you get some time into your web site and build some trust and authority, you are going to have to rely on more than organic traffic. You are going to need to buy your traffic but don’t let that scare you, it can be done pretty inexpensively, if you know how to do it.

These are probably the main things to avoid, especially number one, but 2, 3, and 4 have a lot to do with number 1 happening. So try not to do any of these things and your affiliate life will have a much better chance of being successful.

Take Care!


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